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Portable USB Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands Free

Portable USB Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands Free

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Breastfeed in the best conditions! This double pumping electric breast pump is the ideal solution for active mums: if your baby is unable to suckle directly from the breast or if you have to be away, expressing allows your baby to continue to benefit from your milk maternal.

Its strengths

  • Double expression

  • 2 modes of use (stimulation of milk flow and expression)

  • 4 levels of Intensity of expression

  • Compact, light and easily transportable

  • Convenient power supply via USB

  • BPA and BPS free

Why buy an electric breast pump?

Portable Usb Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands

Are you wondering what are the advantages of buying an electric breast pump? The electric breast pump meets several needs, of which here are the main ones:

Bottle shared!

The electric breast pump offers the possibility for dads to be able to bottle-feed baby at night as well. This way he too can share the joy of breastfeeding and you can rest better at night!

Difficult breastfeeding?

If your baby is premature or does not manage to suck well, the electric breast pump can help you feed him with your milk through a bottle.

Breastfeeding and return to work

If you ever decide to return to work, you can continue to offer breast milk to baby, even when you are away!

No more sore nipples!

Yes, the electric breast pump can be beneficial if breastfeeding causes you sore nipples or engorgement (which is common during breastfeeding).

Increase your milk production

You should know that using an electric breast pump will allow you to significantly increase your milk production, which is a considerable advantage if you tend not to produce enough milk.

Comfort, speed and efficiency

If there is one word that characterizes the electric breast pump, it is comfort! Indeed, the models are more and more sophisticated and bring an unprecedented comfort of use to young mothers. What's more, they allow fast and very efficient milk expression!

Description of this portable electric breast pump

Comfortable expression position

With this uniquely designed breast pump, milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you're sitting up straight.

This way, you will be able to sit more comfortably: no need to lean forward to ensure that all the milk is collected in the bottle.

If you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk will come more easily.

Portable Usb Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands

Adjustable expression intensity

A real asset, this electric breast pump allows you to extract your milk at your own pace, you can pump gently, a real plus if your breasts are sore.

Once turned on, the breast pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation mode to encourage milk flow and you can switch to expression mode with a simple touch and then adjust the intensity of expression as you find the most comfortable among the 4 offered.

Portable Usb Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands

Easily transportable and cleanable

This breast pump is the ally of mothers who want to pump their milk discreetly, almost anywhere.

In fact, compact, light and silent, it fits easily in your handbag and you can take it to work or on vacation.

It's easy to assemble and clean to save you time!

Guaranteed BPA-free

This breast pump is made of polypropylene, guaranteed without bisphenol-A (BPA).

BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics to make them transparent. Recent studies tend to suspect that BPA is released by heat, the acidity of food and drink and during cleaning with certain products.

Portable Usb Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands

Convenient power supply via USB

This electric breast pump consumes very little energy, only 2W.

To power it, simply connect it via its supplied USB cable to an external battery, a wall socket, a computer or even a cigarette lighter. Portable Usb Electric Breast Pump Double Pumping and Hands

To reduce your carbon footprint, you can also power it with a rechargeable solar battery (available here)

Included in the package

  • 1 double pump electric breast pump

  • 2 bottles of 150 mL

  • 1 bottle cap with BPA-free silicone teat

  • 1 USB cable


  • Material : Polypropylene (breastpump and bottles) and Silicone (pacifier and pads)

  • Color : Pink, Blue or White

  • Weight : 600 grams

  • Supply voltage : 5V (USB)

  • Current: 400mA

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