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Mini Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Integrated LED Light

Mini Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Integrated LED Light

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Take advantage of all the benefits of a mini indoor vegetable garden and rediscover the pleasure of fresh and creative cooking! Aromatic herbs, mini vegetables or edible flowers will grow in your home all year round, harvest them as you wish and beautify your kitchen. Thanks to its automatic lighting and integrated irrigation system , whatever the weather, this indoor garden will flourish in your home !

Mini Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Led Lamp

Strong points

  • hydroponic planter by capillarity

  • no need to buy specific capsules, ingots or blocks, you can sow your own seeds

  • integrated automatic LED lighting simulating a natural cycle

  • integrated hydroponic irrigation system and low water alert (audible and visual)


This mini indoor vegetable garden will be your best ally for adopting a healthy diet.

Imagine having fresh, fragrant herbs in your kitchen all the time, whether you have a green thumb or not.

In addition, this autonomous vegetable garden allows your aromatic herbs to be richer in vitamins.

Follow the growth of your plants at any time, guaranteed GMO-free and pesticide-free.

This indoor hydroponic vegetable garden specially designed for aromatic herbs (basil, mint, coriander, thyme...etc.) allows you to grow them with ease.

No need to buy herbs every week, you harvest them at any time in your kitchen, or any other room in your home. Perfect for always having mint and basil on hand, all year round.

With its horticultural white and fuchsia LED lighting, even in a windowless room, your basils and chives will do well.

Mini Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Led Lamp

You plant or sow your aromatic herbs, add water with a few drops of organic nutrient and it does the rest.

The principle is passive hydroponics, with irrigation of plants by capillarity.

If you forget to add water, an audible and visual alarm alerts you not to forget.

Comes with vermiculite for growing in hydroponics, without soil, adding nutrients to the water.

You can also cultivate conventionally in the ground by replanting the purchased pot directly: no need to buy capsules and other ingots and blocks with incorporated seeds from us, you can sow the seeds and plans purchased in any garden center or supermarket.

Now enjoy your pestos and other sauces made with your basil, your tea or your mojitos with your mint, without pesticides, preservatives or other chemicals.

Mini Hydroponic Indoor Vegetable Garden with Led Lamp

Included in the package

  • 1 mini indoor hydroponic vegetable garden

  • 2 growing baskets (for 18 seedlings or small plants)

  • 1 packet of vermiculite

  • 1 power adapter


    • Indoor garden type: hydroponic capillary planter

    • Material: ABS, steel and aluminum

    • Net weight : 0.86kg

    • Liquid capacity: 1.3 liters

    • Number of baskets / plants : 2 baskets for 18 seeds or plants

    • Growing medium: vermiculite

    • Lighting type: 18 x 0.5 W LED bulbs (8 white, 8 red LEDs and 2 blue LEDs)

    • Lighting mode: white (4W), red/blue (5W) or full spectrum (white/red/blue, 9W)

    • Light cycle: automatic (16 hours per day)

    • Input Voltage: 110/220V

    • Frequency: 50/60 Hertz

    • Output voltage : 16V

    • Current: 0.37A

    • Power: 6 Watts/h

    • Protection level: IP20

    • Certificate: CE

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